WHO IS MIKE? Professional bio.

Hello, I am Mike Downing, President of Pure Commitment Inc., and founder of Reboot Pure Stress Reduction training Located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Over four decades ago, I designed a training program in a modern and systemic manner that would invariably if adhered to diligently, help the recipient manage stress effectively in methods they never thought possible.

As it has been said, experience is the best teacher, my life experiences allowed me to come up with this ground breaking and inspiring idea which helps participants on all levels. I started out with individuals initially and recently in 2017, I decided to include local corporations as my business to business model. This means that company sponsored programs can benefit from the wealth of what I have to offer and after some serious considerations,

I can successfully bet that it would be invaluable, hence the expansion of the methodology to accommodate workers in various businesses and homes, to help increase their output in their various workplaces.

First here is my background.

  • In my years of managing the program, I have been fortunate to partner with some amazing organisations. My experiences are well rounded and have enjoyed many people along the way, inspiring them to make the life changing decisions which they have over time come to appreciate.

  • I started in the restaurant business as a dishwasher and worked with my father, he was a contractor.
    I also experienced all phases of construction, commercial and residential from excavation, concrete, plumbing, electrical, flooring, trim, cabinets, paint, and landscaping.

  • I experienced over two decades of sales marketing and training as a manufacture account sales manager, sales training, and product distribution, sales team manager, I completed several courses and received certification to sell many specialised products – water treatment, full range chemicals A-Z, full range of lubrication for automation in food service, textile, all manufacturing plants, automotive finance and lending, customer service agent.
My career since 1980 focused on expanding product sales, direct marketing, product adoption and leadership training, facilitating the people side of change and transformation is the gap area I specializes in satisfying. At this point, I should say that, I am an activator. My training experience led me to achieve master levels in food preparation and service, construction, auto industry, finance and insurance, direct sales and marketing training, you name it! I am able to recognize areas that are bogged down by discussion or blocked by barriers. My advanced coaching skills I can say boldly, ends stalemates by facilitating a plan to get things moving or spurring a client into an action.

I am committed and focused as a strategic thinker to fully consider all possible paths toward assisting clients to reach their genuineness. My ability to naturally see a way when others are stumped and/or convinced there is no way is invaluable and timely implemented.

I am wired for forward movement holding the clients attention to what is actionable, pure and healthy for their now situation. I practice coaching not therapy, we don’t go backwards, and that is one of our core principles.

Prior to coaching, as I mentioned above, I was a self-employed Business Owner, Divisional Sales Executive and a Finance Manager. My experience has always possessed and used successful coaching/facilitating skills in these roles. It was a natural fit to take the next step of combining all my experience into a successful coaching practice when I decide to incorporate Pure Commitment Inc., and finish out my career providing training in what I do best for maximum impact.

My Journey – “ Mike Downing”