Stress Reduction Training

Stress isn’t entirely bad for you. In fact, a little stress can be the exact thing you need in your life. The reason is this, pressure is what leads to stress and pressure can help you focus.

So, some more pressure and stress will boost your productivity level, won’t it? No. It won’t. You see, when pressure builds and stress level goes beyond a level (which is different in each individual), they snap, they fracture, they lose it.

You need training, if you are to maintain the balance.

Reboot Pure will help you do the following:

  • Identify the common causes of stress.
  • Audit yourself for stress signals.
  • Manage pressure and performance, both in the work place and at home.
  • Help you set boundaries in managing your stress.
  • Help you make the changes required for your turn around without causing more pressure.
  • Help you see the importance of communication in stress management.
  • Identify the common symptoms of excess stress (It isn’t the same with everyone).
  • Identify the sources of pressure at work.
  • Identifying the source of pressure at home.
  • Your interpersonal skills will get better.
  • Help you identify stress and manage it with others.
  • You will be able to identify when stress is well managed.
We are all under some kind of stress or the other, it could either be from our social life, work place or even our homes. Sometimes the factors are not external alone, it could be as a result of internal pressures like being overweight (as it was in my case), like having issues with one’s appearance. ‘I’m not beautiful’ ‘I’m not as intelligent’. These are all common sources of Stress.

When stress comes in form of a challenge or opportunity, it can be a good thing as it stimulates and motivates achievement. But when things start to get out of hand, piling up and the resources to handle the challenges are not nearly enough, the pressure starts to become excess thereby causing anxiety, bringing on depression and it’s only a matter of time before the subject snaps.

In any work environment where stress is managed properly, with the right training, productivity and creativity is rather high.

There is good stress and there is bad stress. Stress that can make us feel overwhelmed and buckling under the pressure, anxiety and depression. That’s bad stress.

Good stress is when you feel motivated and challenged as a result of the pressure. That’s the thing about stress – it’s different for everyone.

  • Are you noticing a drop in productivity levels?
  • Are important matters being ignored in your business place?
  • Are people missing their deadlines?
  • Are you seeing short tempers and petty arguments?
  • Is there increased absenteeism?
  • Do you notice that people are not quite into their work?
  • Are your clients and customers complaining of a lack of attention?
  • Do you notice a lot of distraction from your workers?
  • Are they working far more hours than they should?
If your answer to any of this question is yes, then Reboot Pure is the way to go for your business. Reboot Pure will not take away the things causing the stress or putting them under pressure, it will help them to successfully regulate the stress and help them deal with pressure in ways that will maximise productivity in the work place.

Tailored specifically to each group, Reboot Pure is designed to help everyone Reduce Stress.



List of Modules without Details.

  • “How” to resolve conflict at work and home.
  • “How” to reduce stress at work and home.
  • “How” to manage time more efficiently: 8-8-8 base.
  • “How” to filter and process.
  • “How” to not spew or be a container
  • “How” to decompress.

  • “How” to communicate more effectively.
  • “How” to face challenges without fear of rejection.
  • “How” to regulate stress and remain calm with clarity.
  • “How” to change habits and behavior.
  • “How” to activate or Reboot Pure what you already know and want to do.
  • “How” to reduce the negative noise and anxiety.
Encouraged, Refreshed, Self-confidence, Empowered, Our clients are living proof and celebrating less stressful lifestyles every day at home and workplace.

Live in person onsite training plus private coaching is available for clients interested in retaining PCI for tune-up’s from Mike Downing the founder of Reboot Pure. Access to talk with Mike is invaluable after learning the modules.
One new module is added in group every week for discussion and collaboration to complete that module during class for maximum retention. There are 10 individual modules in series that restart every 12 weeks. Client will have enough time in class to complete their personal module with confidence and leave fully equipped to exercise their brain without any additional help.
We are fortunate to attract some exceptionally brilliant high level achievers and coworkers to the Reboot Pure training program each quarter. The force is powerful during the live discussion with amazing groups and synergy that stimulate the required action to manifest each personal solution.
There are four complete training units delivered per calendar year, the program runs for 12 weeks, or 90 day per quarter. Each program can start at any time of the year and lock in the 12 weeks. Meaning you can start any week of the year and complete the program in 12 consecutive weeks or 90 days from start to finish.
Private online APP to manage personal training modules and individual solutions. All client data is privately stored for easy retrieval, and tracking purpose.

Are You A Right Fit?

If you are married or single working full time, managing a business or people, feel stressed or unhappy with how much time you waste not producing your best.
Where do you find the time to take care of you?
This is not by accident that you are reading this page. Look at this page as a personal invitation to get your life back to a better you, you deserve the best training available with competent VIP Experience.
This program is available to those seriously ready to commit to learning the skill on how to reboot pure and maintain the best quality of life.
Don’t you deserve access to the best training? Contact me soon so we can meet and get started. We both know, you will continue to get the same results, if you keep doing the same thing every day. The Reboot Pure training program will make a huge impact on your life for the better.

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