My Journey – “ Mike Downing”

“Rebooting your brain” sounds quite strange and a bit off, I concede. When you hear the term rebooting your brain, I’m sure you wondered if by rebooting, one had to get struck by lightning or bonked on the head.
You are not so far from it but we won’t be doing the literal bonking. The truth, however, is that rebooting the brain is a transformation that will turn your life around, beginning from within and it ends with a fulfilling new life. Countless people, who have suffered from stress, including me, can testify to the powerful effect of “Rebooting your brain”. It’s a fresh start that everyone deserves.

My journey to empowering people and helping them recapture their health, success, and happiness started when I was very young, and I picked up some painful lessons along the way.

I was bullied and beaten up regularly. Humiliation was a constant in my life as an elementary school student. I had been eating food to medicate stress, which gradually lead to obesity. This, of course made my childhood quite difficult. The other children couldn’t resist the temptation to deal with ‘fatty’, of course times were different then and bullying was no big deal. The effects of bullying and eating to overcome stress had not really become a source of concern for so many people.

Our family doctor was not concerned by my extra weight. He thought that my metabolism just hadn’t kicked-in yet, and I would eventually burn off those extra pounds. Despite the doctor’s assurances and my parents’ denial, I continued to pack on the pounds. Certainly, I wasn’t hungry all the time, so why did I keep eating? Why did I fuel the obesity that was making my childhood difficult?

The food made me feel better – plain and simple. You see the cycle? Food gave me euphoria. Taking me to places and giving me more pleasure than I could ever hope for. All my problems and stress just melted away in a fleeting food buzz. Tons of sugar, unhealthy fats, heavily-processed foods, caffeine … It was a recipe for disaster and I was the mad chef.
Not only did I hate the way I looked. I felt awful most of the time (except when I was eating). PLUS, the combination of junk food and emotional distress made me irritable, obnoxious, and difficult to be around! My solution? Eat more! A classic cycle of self-destruction, one that most people ignore, when I felt stress, I learned how to eat food and that made me temporarily happy until the food buzz wore off.
My grades tanked, my social life evaporated, and the pounds kept coming. I was told to “toughen up” and focus more when I was in class. My parents blamed the school for not accommodating the needs of their special child.
It was a difficult time. I remember being sent to the principal’s office and getting smacked with a large paddle on my rear end. I was getting beat-up after school by the older kids for being fat and during school by the principal for acting out. But no matter how isolated I felt, I could always turn to food for a quick fix, gradually it became my ally, I could depend on food when everyone else did not understand me. I did know something was wrong with me, what I didn’t know was that it was a mental state I needed to get out of.
Fortunately, the turning point came when I moved to a new state and into middle school. My brain was about to “Reboot” of course I didn’t know this until my first day of 7th grade, when a teacher recruited me to train with him and tryout for the football team. He had one stipulation: I must stay disciplined and dedicated, and never give up. My coach understood where I was at, so he invited me to join him at the gym in exchange for me playing football on his team.

The funny thing was that I had no interest in football, but I was desperate for affirmation, it was a new place after all, I didn’t want a repeat performance of the cycle at the old school. So I started training with him- three days a week, and that’s when my body and mind began to transform. My own Reboot Pure journey started unconsciously. 

I never thought about going to a doctor or therapist or even hiring a coach at that age. I didn’t want to stop eating the food that made me feel good. I wanted to lose some weight and look normal so the other kids would leave me alone. I just wanted to blend and make friends. I wanted my body to look like that of my coach; he made me believe I could do that.

Not long after though, I began to shed the excess weight and reveal lean, strong muscles. It was the first time I really understood how toxic my life had been. My parents were skeptical at first, concerned I was causing more harm than good, but the proof was there in the mirror and in my interactions at school and at home, all round, I felt improvement in my output and everything else. For four years, my coach encouraged me and held me accountable for my actions. And for my part, I honored our agreement, worked my butt off, and stayed out of trouble. It’s hard to imagine how my life would have unfolded without him investing in my wellbeing.
During that same four-year stretch, another mentor guided me in a different way. While washing dishes at a resort restaurant, the chef took me under his wing and taught me how to make wholesome meals from scratch. It’s a skill I will cherish for my entire life. And it has greatly benefited my efforts to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
These mentors were the perfect one-two punch for me. They combined to build my body, mind, and spirit. And ultimately, they opened the path for the fulfilling life I now enjoy.

For years, I professionally trained high profile clients specializing in high end after care. In simpler terms, I mean, when a client checks out from rehab or addiction treatment centers, I help train them to find their feet. There is a need for transitional support. I am experienced to provide the much needed in home short term aftercare support. Clients hire me as a chaperone to accompany them anywhere so they need to go and remain sober. Clients also hire me 24/7 as a mobile live-in companion sober coach. My job is to help facilitate the transition from monitored treatment center, back home giving the client the best opportunity to adjust by reducing relapse. This was the background to the re-birth of the Reboot pure program.

Along the line, the program grew above this, it became entirely more necessary to focus on Stress, the main cause of most kinds of psychological issues. I will be sharing my journey in the next paragraph, intimating you on how I found my feet just when I thought my case was hopelessly hopeless.

How I rebooted- The Road Map,