How I rebooted- The Road Map,

As a Commitment Coach and the founder of Pure Commitment, I work with a diverse clientele.
The truth is people are just trying to find balance and manage stress without training. But the one thing they all have in common, is that stress led them to find a way to medicate their pain and deep inside there is a desire to heal and take back control of their lives.
These are all strong people, but trying hard without a roadmap simply will not work, and it may lead to deeper isolation. In my experience, stress, most of the time involves a series of poor choices and a lack of training, and that’s where my guidance and knowledge come in.
My healing approach is based heavily on my personal challenges dealing with stress and how I have overcome them, thereby stumbling on the model for Reboot Pure. So let’s take a look at how I found my way out and how it will work for you as well …
Commitment: I committed to people I respected and admired. By doing so, I created additional motivation to stay focused, live up to my promises, and achieve my goals.
Personal Responsibility: My decision to transform my body had everything to do with me – my habits good and bad, and the choices I had to make to turn my life around.
Taking the Pain: It was vital for me to accept pain as part of the healing process. This requires focus and training. Avoiding the pain could lead to swapping one type of medication for another and sabotaging your entire journey.
Focus: As I focused on my training sessions, I began to transform. This fueled my desire even more until I no longer needed food, or anything else to medicate my pain.
My process slowly developed during those early years, and it has sustained me over the last four decades. Sure, I had a couple of relapses along the way, but I remembered my training and walked myself through the steps to get back on track.
I survived and overcame my stress. Now, I’m here to help people just like you, to move forward on your journey to clarity and freedom.
With The Reboot Pure solution, you’ll find new inspiration and confidence to break the stress cycle and realize your perfect life, one that you might have even given up on before.
It’s as simple as 1-2-3 …
1.1. Learn: Learn your custom-built plan, created by you, in class!
1.2. Practice: Practice several times per week to reset defaults and remove the lies holding you back
1.3. Repeat: Repeat until your new learned plan fires automatically, without thinking!
The brain will not just reboot to its pre-stress condition, but you’ll ingrain new default pathways that turn your smart decisions into effortless automatic reactions.

I have already helped countless people to shed the shackles of stress and rediscover their passion for life, and I can achieve these same results for you.

The Reboot Pure training is also recommended for anyone that has difficulty staying focused at their job. I have incorporated and blended my background in corporate training to give local businesses / corporations (that are looking for specialized training that will boost employee morale and ultimately reduce stress) the opportunity to tap into the Reboot Pure Training Concept. Thus, increasing productivity by saving downtime, labor cost and maximizing overall employee retention.