F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Why are men so excited to start Reboot Pure Training?

Reboot Pure is unique and unlike any other group program. It’s about your individuality and creating personal solutions in a safe and confidential environment.

What does it mean to truly have a ‘safe and confidential’ environment?

Men don’t need to be lectured or fixed. There is nothing wrong with our clients. Our client are professional men in their field of expertise. These guys generally are so busy with work, business or projects that little time is left for family or personal growth and development.

At Reboot Pure, we encourage the perfect match of brilliant minds, which are creative, resourceful, resilient and ready to collaborate—without sharing about personal issues. We don’t believe people are broken or we can fix anyone as much as train together and learn how to apply our personal knowledge to activate and maintain new, positive patterns automatically.

Reboot Pure resets the brain to a new default. This requires a confidential place to open the mind safely. Guys tell me how much they enjoy showing up every week because they no longer feel alone or isolated fighting to be free from their old mindsets and habits.

The classroom is spacious very private and comfortable—it’s a great place to relax and create without listing to a lecture get told you have problems. Every man is focused on his personal solutions during the class. The group collaboration will stimulate thoughts and awareness in each module completed—so you can focus on being your best self.

What are the Modules and how do they work?

The Reboot Pure training concept and approach to learning the Reboot Pure modules are based on each client’s personal solutions—protected by client contracts with PCI and copyright laws.

Reboot Pure training is for personal use only for contracted clients and not for resale.

Our clients agree not to share or reproduce any of the modules or confidential information to anyone outside of those contracted to use the training.

The overall training program consists of ten main modules with two pick-up modules under two separate blocks. All modules are created live in class and learned during a 12-week training course.

Every week a new module will be presented to the group using a PowerPoint presentation and a facilitator will lead the group collaborations. At the end of every two-hour group meeting, each client will complete his own personal solution for that individual module.

How do I know the Reboot Pure training will help me? I mean, I can’t stop thinking about what makes me happy, right? But why do I feel so bad after I reach the happy part?

Great question (loaded question) but, I get what you mean. Okay, let’s break it down.

-First part: Will Reboot Pure help you? Yes—you will learn how to not disappoint yourself and regain control of your choices. Your brain is waiting for you to train it, just like everything else in your life.

-Second part: I can’t stop thinking about the happy place! That’s a good thing right now. You understand the need for returning to the ‘high’ or the happy place that comes from the natural chemicals getting released into the body.

-Third part: Why do I feel so bad after I reach the happy part? If you feel guilty, embarrassed or shameful after you reach the happy place, there’s a reason for that. And if you feel like you can’t stop, there’s a reason for that, too. This must be a learned behavior that comes from training. The brain and body have learned how to get a quick fix or a jolt of chemicals released from old patterns. Sometimes these chemicals are interrupted as we re-train ourselves. But the feelings and chemicals released from Reboot Pure are much greater. Our clients learn how to manage and retrain their brain successfully in 12 weeks. And you can too.

After I complete the Reboot Pure training course, will I need any more support, and for what cost?

No. The program is complete with all the tools you need already setup in your tool box. However, the modules will require you to practice daily. Now, if you are lazy and can afford to hire a private commitment coach for accountability, that’s great, but not necessary.

Why is the tuition set at $2,995.00, and how do I know the training is worth that much?

Today, we are a private company. I can’t find anyone today that will provide my company with corporate and personal liability insurance, advertising, marketing, office-overhead, online security, websites, and legal counsel, bookkeeping, payroll and taxes expenses for us to continue changing people’s lives. I do what it takes to create a five-star environment for every client.

However, you want to break out the cost to enroll in the Reboot Pure training, just think about how much time and money you are spending chasing your temporary high or happy place. What is your cycle or your patterns costing you in your relationships? That cost is often detrimental to your health and well-being, as well as your wallet. If you could stop on your own you wouldn’t be reading this page, right?

I personally invest up to 50 hours of my time per client during the 12-week training period. The work we do together is invaluable. By training men together in one location, one night per week creating their personal modules is the way I can make this more effective for everyone.

Together, we follow up with private and over the phone coaching sessions which are included in the tuition.

Pure Commitment Inc. normally charges $7,895.00 plus expenses for the same Reboot Pure training to be trained privately by me under the VIP Experience service. If you would rather be trained privately, contact Mike Downing at www.purecommitmnet.com and schedule an appointment.