What happens when you believe so strongly the next card, spin or roll will change your life forever?

What happens when you believe so strongly the next card, spin or roll will change your life forever?


When you win it all back, and that chemical rush surges through your body – it’s so, so hard to tell yourself, when you lose everything all over again, but you’re not going to come back, but the truth is, gambling ruins you. Gambling takes away everything you have, and it doesn’t care what happens to you. I’ve known gambling addicts who have turned to narcotic drugs. I’ve known gambling addicts who have lost their families, their houses, their cars – and I know gambling addicts who completely lost their minds, once they wake up to the realization that something is stupid is gambling is completely killed everything they cared about.

I know this to be true, because I’ve lived through it all, myself.
I started gambling a while ago. I don’t know if there is some kind of ugly karma in the universe, but I had beginner’s luck. Or, at least I thought I did. I was quickly spending less and less time with my family, I was spending less time in my job, and I wasn’t even speaking to my friends.

I was convinced that gambling could replace all of them.

I was right.

Gambling did replace all of them – just, not the way I thought it would.

I remember the first time I tried cocaine. I had been up for two days stressing about this tournament I had pressured myself and entering. I hardly had enough money to cover the massive buy-in fees, but I was determined that this was going to be the round. This was going to be around that I paid off all my debts and swept them under the rug so my wife would never find out about them. I was going to buy her everything she ever wanted, and I was going to put our kids to school – all because I was going draw the right cards.

I couldn’t sleep. There, alone in my hotel room, I summoned the powers of Las Vegas, and minutes later I somehow had drugs in my hands that could keep me going.

I told myself – only once. This is only going to happen once.

Through it all, the gambling was the most vicious. I don’t think anything else that happened to me would’ve ever happened if I could have just stopped gambling.

By the end, I’m barely had enough money to get home. And when I arrived, my wife and kids were gone. The debt collectors and called ahead. I hemorrhaged the money it took to pay off my debts, and I begged for my wife to take me back – but there was no hope, there.

I spiraled into a deep depression, and I knew that if I didn’t do something that worked, I was going to fall back into gambling all over again.That’s when I walked into Reboot Pure, and my life changed. Gambling was a vicious, feral animal that sank its talents deep into my back. I was never going to remove that awful addiction inside of me, unless I retrained my brain to completely let it go.

Today, I’m free. I’m talking to my wife. I’m talking to my kids. I’ve been given a new lease on life because I have the courage to take gambling head-on, the only way you can truly take and went head-on: by ripping the addiction out of you. And I have Reboot Pure to thank for that. Go online: www.rebootpure.com

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