The Solid Break

The Solid Break

solid breakI grew up in a home where there were strong morals but I did not have the basic instruction on how to avoid Pornography. When I got into high school, I happened to mix with the wrong crowd that introduced me to Porn Magazines. The drift was gradual and I did not know that I was getting hooked. I started devouring every Porn magazine that I could lay my hands till my hunger grew deeper. I started watching Pornographic videos and getting into masturbation. At the time I had gone with this habit for about 4 years; I tried to break from it but it proved impossible. I did not know who to confide in because I was the gentle, quiet and noble young man on the outside.

The first shock came when I realized that I had a trigger that forced me to seek for Porn. Whenever I was lonely, there was nothing that satisfied me except I go for a Porn Video or magazine. The concern soon dissolved into a form of acceptance because I believed that I was not hurting anyone. However, I noticed that I could not build pure relationships with the opposite sex. I could not truly show love to anyone as the impressions that were strong on my heart were Porn-related. I grew with this habit until my early 30s because I did not find a way to break free from the habit. I had accepted the guilt, the shame, the pain as something that I may have to live with for the rest of my life.

The break came for me when I decided to fight my way out of Porn addiction. I went to a few elderly friends who did not really offer me help but rebuked me for my addiction. I felt hurt but I was determined to find the answer that would set me free. I searched the Internet, read the books I could and attended all the seminars that dealt with this subject. Interestingly, I met a much older friend on Social Media who understood my pain and stood with me. He had broken free from Pornography and took me on a step by step recovery process.

The initial days of my enrolling in the plan were quite challenging because I kept going into a relapse.
He urged me to keep fighting and never give in. I took him at his words and things began to change for good. I noticed that I had gone 30 days without watching Porn or desiring to do so. My friend kept checking on me and was quick to ask if I had gotten into any compromising situation in the course of the day. His role as my accountability partner kept me on my toes and I was glad that I had finally found freedom. It is over 4 years since I have been clean from Pornography and I have used my story to help others. I tell them that it is possible to be free if they truly give it all they got.

I usually encourage them to get an accountability partner and enroll in a solid recovery program. I know that there are many success stories that would arise from the ashes as a result of my story. I speak to those who are determined to be clean – It is possible and simply reading this story is a step in the right direction.

Do connect to this site for more details on how to stay free.
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