Breaking the shackles in style

Breaking the shackles in style

breaking the shackles with styleI had tried for 6 years to fix my challenge of Porn addiction. I talked to a few friends who advised me on various methods that did not work. I spent thousands of dollars while frolicking with online porn and other sex related addictions. I knew my life was heading downhill but I did not know how to get out of the rot. As each New Year began, I made resolutions but I had discovered that before the end of the first month; I had broken all of them.

My life continued a downward spiral as I saw friends get married but I could not settle in a serious relationship with the opposite sex. It got to a point where Porn became repulsive but I could not stop going for a fix. The days turned to months and years before I desperately began to seek for answers. I tried a self therapy that ran for 30 days but I was back to Porn by the 15th day. I knew that it would not make sense to keep fighting this on my own. I needed to seek for professional help and make the necessary investment to break free.

It is important to mention that my life was like a mess which was not noticeable on the outside and I knew how to hide and lie to cover up everything. I was full of promise but did not know how to get things off the ground. The addiction stifled my movement and kept me trapped. The need for a private coach who could help me build a plan was necessary, my life became overwhelming. I needed answers and I was desperate to get over this negative trait. When I look at the failed relationships, the huge amounts of time spent viewing porn and thinking about sexual addiction, the emotional distress and other related issues; I came to a point where I was open to get a lifeline.

My breakthrough came when I connected with Mike Downing, the founder of Pure Commitment Inc. I discovered that Mike facilitated a live program in Palm Beach County to stop the addictive cycle in 12-weeks. I was a little hesitant in the beginning but I knew something had to change and start quickly. Mike is very professionals and he knew how to connect me with all the answers that I needed for my recovery. I signed up for the 12-week live training class and did everything I was instructed. The results have been amazing because I discovered true freedom and the confidence to last a lifetime without worry.

It is now clear to me that hiring competent recovery coach is invaluable. The years of experience can help anyone achieve what they can never achieve on their own in less time with lasting results. There is no need to wander in the dark about the next step to take; connecting with Mike Downing is the answer you need to experience true freedom.

I may not be able to recoup the wasted years and resources spent due to my porn addiction but my future is full of promise. The best investment I made was to contact Mike Downing. I am currently experiencing a new horizon based on my present vantage point. The step to enroll with Pure Commitment remains a life-changing path that has given me back my life! The value of life cannot be quantified and I am glad PURE COMMITMENT gave me the reason to live again.

*Story received from a client, His name will remain anonymous. Thank you for understanding.*

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