Pornography And Relationships: What You Need To Know

porn and relationshipsThere is no argument over the fact that porn addiction can end up being destructive for your relationship. What is unfortunate is that watching porn is taken as something absolutely normal. Numerous people are completely oblivious to the negative impact that porn addiction can cast on a healthy relationship. A majority of folks try to support or justify their online porn addiction. While the negative effects of porn addiction can be observed in different aspects of life, the following are a few of the major adversities that it casts on your relationship.


Porn addiction among men is always considered to be a form of infidelity by the women. It completely breaks the trust which is the foundation of every marriage. Ask your spouse or girlfriend how she feels about you watching porn on a regular basis. If she’s honest, she’ll let you know that it feels like you are bringing other women into the relationship.

For a porn addict, it is next to impossible to not draw a comparison between a porn star and his spouse or girlfriend. And he can’t help but notice how his spouse is nothing like the model in those so-called porn movies. This is what leads to unhappiness or even lack of arousal in extreme cases.

It’s not only you who can’t help comparing your spouse to a porn star. If she knows you watch porn, she herself is never going to be comfortable being naked in front of you. It completely destroys her self-esteem. Moreover, since you are nothing like the guy in those porn movies, you will certainly hurt your own self-esteem along the way as well.

A major negative impact of porn addiction is the lack of intimacy. And it’s not confined to physical intimacy due to your mind having desensitized from the pleasures of a real woman. It does also mean a lack of emotional intimacy since you would never want your spouse to know about your porn addiction. This is what pushes you to keep secrets and such a blend of physical and emotional intimacy always end up ruining the entire relationship.

Addictive Yet Shameful:
You are certainly going to find a number of people trying to justify how pornography is not an addiction. But if you are being real and true to yourself at least, then there is no question over the addictiveness of pornography. What’s more is that watching porn is always associated with shame. More often than not, people find escape in pornography in order to release the daily stress and anxiety. But this is exactly how it turns out to be an addiction. You are stressed or anxious, you find escape in pornography, then you feel like a loser for watching porn that increases stress again, and then you are back to pornography in order to release it. And the cycle repeats itself forever.

What’s most dangerous and horrifying about porn addiction is how it originates a higher level of perverse. Remember that pornography is never satisfied. And that’s why it never kills the urge of asking for more. If you are an addict, it’s not only going to be the TV screen where you watch other women. Imagine going to a restaurant with your spouse where she catches you staring at other women? Doesn’t sound too healthy for the relationship, right?

Last but not the least, porn addiction is a leading cause of unreal expectations that people have regarding physical intimacy as well as relationships in general. What you always forget is that you are watching a movie. It’s just a bunch of people “acting” for which they are getting paid. It’s nothing like reality and it never will be. You are in for a huge disappointment if such unreal expectations have set foot in your mind.

The above mentioned are only a fraction of negative impacts that porn addiction casts on your relationship. Hardly do you get to see someone in a strong, healthy, meaningful relationship with an addiction to porn. Because it is an addiction that sooner or later will end up ruining your relationship for you. So just two words of caution for you in the end, “GET HELP”.

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