Hi, I’m Mike Downing, the founder of Reboot Pure. Thanks for visiting my group training website, I hope you leave fulfilled and have answers to your most nagging questions…

What is Reboot Pure?

Reboot Pure is a 12-week LIVE training program located in Palm Beach County, Florida, where we provide total VIP-Experience in Stress Reduction Training.

Do you experience Stress at work or home and what are you doing to relieve the stress?

What exactly do I mean by stress?

It is always very informative to define even the simplest terms sometimes. It gives an insight to what is to be expected. Ordinarily, stress can connote an emotional pressure suffered by a human being or other animal. According to the Longman dictionary, stress is an aggression toward an organism resulting in a response in an attempt to restore previous conditions. Stress is basically the way we react to things.

As you will note later on, Stress can be both good and bad. Now, my focus is on the “bad” and what I can be done to make your situation better.

So we have already established that stress is mostly caused when we are trying to restore previous conditions. What if, you or your team could learn how to Reboot Pure in 90 days, one new module weekly?

What would hold you back from learning how to Reboot Pure in 12 weeks?

At this point, I am certain a thousand and one questions will be reeling in your head as your brain is processing this unique methodology.…all will be answered either directly or indirectly as we move on.
…Yes, there is help to reduce stress and for lack of self-control, compulsiveness, anxiety, overwhelming emotions, and continual disappointment.

The answer I submit is Stress Reduction Training.

Stress is usually caused by pressure, whether internal or external. It is the highest cause of inability to function effectively and live a normal life no matter how hard you try.

Reboot Pure Training originated over four decades ago while I was working out in the gym something which I never thought could work for me. Power lifting with weight is how I transformed my body while using the Reboot Pure modules is how I activated the solutions that transformed my brain.

The combination of body building and Rebooting my brain is how I went from being overweight to successfully keeping that weight off for over 40 years and thereby managing stress and keeping both internal and external pressures in balance.

A lot like a pressure cooker:
I was very fortunate back then to have a coach and personal trainer. They taught me the secret code on how to overcome stress and Reboot the brain separately from the body. That training has changed my life forever and the hundreds of clients that I have had the privilege to train personally over the years.

Over the last ten years the Reboot Pure program has evolved from training one client at a time during private sessions to a very efficient group training classroom style that provides a safe and confidential learning environment for each client to complete their personal modules without sharing any confidential information in class.

Why Reboot Pure?

Reboot Pure is the best kept secret in Palm Beach County, Florida. For clients interested in learning how to stop the compulsive stress cycle, my clients strongly recommend the process. Stress is a reality of our twenty first century existence, in our everyday circle, we have easily incorporated stress into our working system that initially would cause no damage but in the long run, could lead to very serious health issues.

The sad thing is that stress cannot be managed without reduction training. If you want to reduce stress, then Reboot Pure is an excellent training program to learn.

Why is Reboot Pure Different?

Everyone’s solution is different. One size doesn’t fit all. I am conscious of this fact. I know that there is no right way; therefore I tailor each person’s training to fit their challenges.

  • It’s beyond training. Reboot Pure takes care of you on a personal level, helping you manage all spheres of your life and developing your person.
  • Reboot Pure adopts a practical approach rather than leaning on theories or “by the book” approach. Result is the primary focus.
  • Reboot Pure ensures a Do-It-Yourself approach. You will reach your own conclusions and channel your conclusions to reduce and regulate your pressure.
  • I am always here for those looking for a tune-up. All members receive my utmost VIP Experience. It doesn’t end in the training room.

My firm belief is that stress should be nipped in the bud before it transforms into a deeply rooted unsolvable problem.